e-Commerce has become the most important platform for a Retailer to sell goods. And as the number of financial transactions on e-Commerce sites dramatically increase year-on-year, the more interesting they become to fraudsters and adversaries. The key to detecting security anomalies in this communication channel, is to log every crucial piece of information.

Even from an Operational perspective, it is very important for an e-Commerce company to know exactly what they should log, so that their IT Operations team isn’t overwhelmed with the amount of information being processed and thrown at them for review.

The five key areas to focus on must be:

  1. Checkout: Log every step in the checkout process for errors and set alerts so you know if any part of the process fails.
  2. Shopping cart: Log all add-to-cart failures when they occur, send out an alert, and investigate the problem ASAP. There are a lot of intermittent problems that can create big headaches.
  3. Online catalog/ product page: Look for issues with specific product lines, markets, or other logical groups of products, especially if you have old data or legacy software integrations.
  4. Email signup: Look for both client-side and server-side issues because the business logic resides in both places.
  5. Login & registration. In addition to form submission and validation, focus on authentication and authorization logic as a whole. Log social media login errors, authentication and authorization cookies that may be out-of-sync, and errors from additional authentication checks.

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Image Courtesy: http://www.softprodigy.com


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