Microsoft recently showed, during their Ignite 2015 conference, some of the new security mechanisms embedded in Windows 10, which also means a change in the software update cycles, reports @iainthomson with The Register.

Terry Myerson, Head of Windows Operating System division, took a shot at Google’s approach (or lack of) in his keynote last week:

Google takes no responsibility to update customer devices, and refuses to take responsibility to update their devices, leaving end users and businesses increasingly exposed every day they use an Android device.

Google ships a big pile of [pause for effect] code, with no commitment to update your device.

The article reports:

Myerson promised that with the new version of Windows, Microsoft will release security updates to PCs, tablets and phones 24/7, as well as pushing other software “innovations,” effectively putting an end to the need for a Patch Tuesday once a month.


On the data protection side, Brad Anderson, veep of enterprise client and mobility, showed off a new feature in preview builds today: Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA). This tries to sense the presence of malware in a network, and locks down apps to prevent sensitive data being copied within a device…

Using Azure, administrators can choose to embed metadata in files so that managers can see who read what document, when, and where from. If a particular user is trying to access files they shouldn’t, an alert system will let the IT manager know.

Well, controls like these have been around for sometime, but most of them implemented through third party products, but its interesting to see Microsoft building these capabilities within the Operating system itself.

Microsoft’s decision to release patches whenever they are ready or available, is definitely a move in the right direction, and is in line with what Apple has been doing with Mac OS for quite sometime.

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