What to expect in Apple’s big event tomorrow

What to expect in Apple’s big event tomorrow

It’s time for the biggest Tech event of the year – Apple’s product (hardware) launch event tomorrow. 

WWDC in June is when we find out about the greatest and the latest software Apple has built, but when it comes to how the software blends seamlessly with hardware, resulting in one of the best designed, engineered and built tech products on the planet, it’s the event in Fall, where they launch them. 

Key expectations are the next iPhone – iPhone 7, and the next big leap in wearables Apple Watch 2.

If there is one preview that you would want to read, about the event tomorrow, make it Jason Snell’s

The devil’s in the details, though. This event is Apple’s big chance to put all of its fall product offerings in context, to tell stories that explain why these products do what they do (or in some cases, don’t do what they don’t). This is product marketing at its highest level, and the way Apple introduces a product can be enlightening.

Apple getting rid of the headphone jack, what’s their take on wireless audio, the best camera on a smartphone getting even better (two lens camera), positioning of the Apple Watch – Jason has it all in his post. 

iPhone to become a key tool in genetic studies 

iPhone to become a key tool in genetic studies 

@AntonioRegalado of MIT Tech Review reports this. 

This is an interesting move by Apple, and I see ResearchKit playing a key role in the healthcare industry’s adoption of Technology to spearhead research initiatives.  

Apple is collaborating with U.S. researchers to launch apps that would offer some iPhone owners the chance to get their DNA tested, many of them for the first time, according to people familiar with the plans.

The apps are based on ResearchKit, a software platform Apple introduced in March that helps hospitals or scientists run medical studies on iPhones by collecting data from the devices’ sensors or through surveys.