Its ironic to note the way the relationship between IBM and Apple has evolved in the last 3 decades. Keeping the historic 1984 Ad ( on one side, and this announcement on another, shows that time can change even the bitterest of relationships, isn’t it?

As Jack Purcher notes for Patently Apple:

“…IBM has struck partnerships with Apple and the world’s biggest makers of medical devices, to put health data from Apple Watches into the hands of doctors and insurers, and to create personalized treatments for hip replacement patients and diabetics.

IBM’s push into digital healthcare will allow users monitoring their heart rate, calories burnt and cholesterol levels using Apple’s HealthKit platform to upload the information from an IBM app to a storage cloud, where it will be accessible to their doctors and insurance companies. Those who opt in to Apple’s ResearchKit will also be able to share their data with medical researchers.”

Do checkout the full report here:


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