Quick thoughts on Apple’s WWDC 2019 announcements

Quick thoughts on Apple’s WWDC 2019 announcements

Another year has passed, and its about time for another WWDC, and key takeaways for developers.

There were a lot of interesting announcements by Apple. There were six announcements in yesterday’s keynote that, when seen cohesively, show Apple, as a company moving forward.

1. Mac Pro – it’s a super power. But at $6,000 base price, barring a few big budget content creators, I wonder how many will buy/need it.

2. iOS 13 – I did not see any major ground breaking features. I am definitely looking forward to the increase in Speed and performance though (last few months of my honourable & trusty but ageing 6s, before I upgrade later this year)

3. Sign in with Apple – this is a big one. Again, I really appreciate Apple’s push for privacy here. The random email ID generation, to prevent our mailboxes from being spammed, is cool! 

4. WatchOS 6 – new watch faces are always welcome. I have got really bored of the limited watch faces on my Series 3. Native apps like Calculator, Voice memos, are definitely welcome. App Store on the Watch, takes the Watch one step closer to being an independent device.

5. iPadOS – I see this as a marketing thing, to get the message out that Apple does care about products beyond the iPhone (which still contribute to over 50% of its revenues). But iPad is definitely becoming worth the consideration, for folks who do not want a laptop to be their primary desktop-class computer.

6. Privacy – some great privacy features. I love this the most, about being part of the Apple ecosystem.


What to expect in Apple’s big event tomorrow

What to expect in Apple’s big event tomorrow

It’s time for the biggest Tech event of the year – Apple’s product (hardware) launch event tomorrow. 

WWDC in June is when we find out about the greatest and the latest software Apple has built, but when it comes to how the software blends seamlessly with hardware, resulting in one of the best designed, engineered and built tech products on the planet, it’s the event in Fall, where they launch them. 

Key expectations are the next iPhone – iPhone 7, and the next big leap in wearables Apple Watch 2.

If there is one preview that you would want to read, about the event tomorrow, make it Jason Snell’s

The devil’s in the details, though. This event is Apple’s big chance to put all of its fall product offerings in context, to tell stories that explain why these products do what they do (or in some cases, don’t do what they don’t). This is product marketing at its highest level, and the way Apple introduces a product can be enlightening.

Apple getting rid of the headphone jack, what’s their take on wireless audio, the best camera on a smartphone getting even better (two lens camera), positioning of the Apple Watch – Jason has it all in his post. 

On Tim Cook’s visit to India

On Tim Cook’s visit to India

This is the first time an Apple CEO has come to India. Steve Jobs had been here before, but that’s when he was soul searching and the India visit did play an important role in life thereon. 

Tim’s visit this week has been the most eventful and widely publicised, of all the large tech company CEO’s, in the recent past. I am sure this is going to have a huge positive impact on Apple’s market in India and a great benefit for Apple product lovers and customers here. 

Here is an interesting interview by The Hindu with Tim. I especially liked his reponse to a common and obvious question

Interviewer: Most of the billion people in India may not have heard about Apple. A few million would have heard and seen Apple products and only the minority few, who can afford it, would have actually used an Apple device. How would you as the CEO, explain what Apple is to this Indian audience?

Tim: Apple is about making the best products, we only create products that enrich peoples’ lives and in doing that we change the world in a positive way. That, in a simple way, is what Apple is about. Think of our products as tools to learn, teach; they empower people to do things they could not do otherwise. That’s our reason for being and that’s what drives us.

Development Centers in Bangalore and Hyderabad, and three Apple Stores supposedly in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai have been some of the interesting announcements. 

Interesting times ahead for Apple, consumers and entrepreneurs in India. 
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Apple Watch and self-surveillance

Apple Watch and self-surveillance
Apple’s foray into the wearables industry was being rumoured for 2-3 years, and ever since the rumour mill started, many companies (Google, Samsung, etc..) started coming out with their mostly unfinished and unimpressive wearable products. And as it usually turns out, Apple came along with their Watch, and has stirred up the wearables industry, including the multi-billion dollar non-tech Luxury Watch industry.
But there has also been a lot of debate on the privacy aspects of wearable devices, and Google Glass had a a lot of negative attention due to this aspect. Apple Watch has also been talked about for the same issue. But the balance between privacy and convenience has always been tough to maintain, and looking at the recent trend of social media and technology use by consumers, it is obvious that users prefer the latter over privacy.
I think Apple Watch is also going to experience the same preference – the convenience and utility value that the Watch provides, will be found to be more valuable to consumer than the loss of privacy.
Paul Krugman has an interesting taking on this perspective, and has put down his thoughts on NY Times
His reference to the Varian Rule, which basically says one can forecast the future by looking at what the rich have today, is specifically interesting.
…rich people don’t wait in line. They have minions who ensure that there’s a car waiting at the curb, that the maitre-d escorts them straight to their table, that there’s a staff member to hand them their keys and their bags are already in the room.
If you have seen the recent Apple Event where Kevin Lynch demoed some of the use cases of the Apple Watch, wouldn’t you agree that the Varian Rule can actually be true?
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IBM to work with Apple Watches Team to integrate health data with Medical devices

IBM to work with Apple Watches Team to integrate health data with Medical devices

Its ironic to note the way the relationship between IBM and Apple has evolved in the last 3 decades. Keeping the historic 1984 Ad (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwT6mgXsZvU) on one side, and this announcement on another, shows that time can change even the bitterest of relationships, isn’t it?

As Jack Purcher notes for Patently Apple:

“…IBM has struck partnerships with Apple and the world’s biggest makers of medical devices, to put health data from Apple Watches into the hands of doctors and insurers, and to create personalized treatments for hip replacement patients and diabetics.

IBM’s push into digital healthcare will allow users monitoring their heart rate, calories burnt and cholesterol levels using Apple’s HealthKit platform to upload the information from an IBM app to a storage cloud, where it will be accessible to their doctors and insurance companies. Those who opt in to Apple’s ResearchKit will also be able to share their data with medical researchers.”

Do checkout the full report here:http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2015/04/ibm-to-put-health-data-from-apple-watches-into-the-hands-of-doctors-and-insurers-to-create-personalized-treatments.html