Another year has passed, and its about time for another WWDC, and key takeaways for developers.

There were a lot of interesting announcements by Apple. There were six announcements in yesterday’s keynote that, when seen cohesively, show Apple, as a company moving forward.

1. Mac Pro – it’s a super power. But at $6,000 base price, barring a few big budget content creators, I wonder how many will buy/need it.

2. iOS 13 – I did not see any major ground breaking features. I am definitely looking forward to the increase in Speed and performance though (last few months of my honourable & trusty but ageing 6s, before I upgrade later this year)

3. Sign in with Apple – this is a big one. Again, I really appreciate Apple’s push for privacy here. The random email ID generation, to prevent our mailboxes from being spammed, is cool! 

4. WatchOS 6 – new watch faces are always welcome. I have got really bored of the limited watch faces on my Series 3. Native apps like Calculator, Voice memos, are definitely welcome. App Store on the Watch, takes the Watch one step closer to being an independent device.

5. iPadOS – I see this as a marketing thing, to get the message out that Apple does care about products beyond the iPhone (which still contribute to over 50% of its revenues). But iPad is definitely becoming worth the consideration, for folks who do not want a laptop to be their primary desktop-class computer.

6. Privacy – some great privacy features. I love this the most, about being part of the Apple ecosystem.


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