This is the first time an Apple CEO has come to India. Steve Jobs had been here before, but that’s when he was soul searching and the India visit did play an important role in life thereon. 

Tim’s visit this week has been the most eventful and widely publicised, of all the large tech company CEO’s, in the recent past. I am sure this is going to have a huge positive impact on Apple’s market in India and a great benefit for Apple product lovers and customers here. 

Here is an interesting interview by The Hindu with Tim. I especially liked his reponse to a common and obvious question

Interviewer: Most of the billion people in India may not have heard about Apple. A few million would have heard and seen Apple products and only the minority few, who can afford it, would have actually used an Apple device. How would you as the CEO, explain what Apple is to this Indian audience?

Tim: Apple is about making the best products, we only create products that enrich peoples’ lives and in doing that we change the world in a positive way. That, in a simple way, is what Apple is about. Think of our products as tools to learn, teach; they empower people to do things they could not do otherwise. That’s our reason for being and that’s what drives us.

Development Centers in Bangalore and Hyderabad, and three Apple Stores supposedly in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai have been some of the interesting announcements. 

Interesting times ahead for Apple, consumers and entrepreneurs in India. 
Picture courtesy: dnaindia


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